No matter what area it is,lighting is indispensable at night to ensure night work and action.

If LED lighting is used, then the color temperature can be customized, usually 3000-6500K.

The specific differences are as follows:

3000K warm yellow light makes people feel warm.

Color temperatures above 3500K are considered cool white. This is the beginning of a lower color temperature.

4000K-4500K is cooler natural light.

5000K-6500K is usually considered daylight, which is where we begin to see extremely cool colors. Temperatures above 6500 begin to enter the blue spectrum.

In industrial lighting, what situations need to switch to LED light ?

The main reasons why LEDs replace traditional lamps are:

1. Long service life and low energy consumption.

2. High lumen and high efficiency light output, low maintenance cost.

According to the Ministry of Energy, by 2030, LED lighting will save a huge amount of nearly 15 billion US dollars every year!

By using LED technology, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill. You can save up to 60-80%, which is absolutely amazing data. Then you can see why so many industries are replacing fluorescent and HID lamps with LED lighting.

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