How to choose LED sport lights for your Hockey Pitch ?

For hockey fans, the excitement of hockey is that it can satisfy the combination of fun and competition & play a team spirit. But if you need to continue playing at night, you need proper hockey pitch lighting.

Let’s talk about what requirements are met for the best hockey pitch lighting.

1. Illumination

The size of the hockey pitch is about 300 feet (91.4 meters) x 180 feet (55 meters),which needs very large illumination . For daily entertainment training ,it usually needs the illumination of 150-300LUX, then for the professional game, it needs to reach 300 -750LUX illumination. That means it needs many lighting fixtures to achieve lighting purposes.

2. Uniformity

The position of the light poles and the installation of the lighting devices will cause the uneven light distribution of the venue. One part is too bright while the other part is too dark. It would greatly affect the experience and the performance of the athletes.

The hockey pitch uniformity requirement for daily entertainment training can reach to 0.5, while for professional games is about 0.7.

3. Energy saving

Modern hockey stadium lights need to meet energy-saving and durable conditions while achieving the best illuminance. In the past, high-power outdoor metal halide floodlights with a power of 2,000 watts were usually used. The metal halide lights can achieve high color rendering and color temperature, but its luminous efficiency can only reach 90LM/W. In order to achieve the illuminance, a large amount of electricity is required, and the warm-up time is long.

4. Avoid light pollution

In addition to sufficient brightness, hockey pitch lighting also needs to consider the problem of light pollution. Excess light will irradiate unnecessary areas around and cause discomfort to surrounding residents. Choose lights that can focus light to avoid light pollution and make full use of light.

5. Anti-glare

Hockey Pitch lights need to have anti-glare and non-flicker characteristics to improve the vision of athletes and spectators. Generally, the glare index of hockey pitch for daily entertainment training needs to reach GA<55,while professional games require GA<50.

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