How to choose LED Lights for your light towers ?

Having become commonplace in homes and offices, LED lighting is now spreading fast to quarry and mining sites around the world.The benefits of a longer lifespan and the ability to generate greater and wider illumination while consuming less power are among the main benefits of switching to LED. It may sound like a simple decision, but once a buyer has decided to look at LED, there are a number of factors to bear in mind before buying.

Here are some of the key considerations relating to the use of LED light towers.

Are LED lights robust enough?

It’s no secret that quarries and mining sites are tough and often incredibly dusty environments. Therefore, it’s a benefit that LED lights contain no filaments, which makes them more resistant to vibrations and impacts than traditional metal halide lights. This is a crucial consideration for companies operating in the quarry and mining industry, who naturally demand the equipment they use is durable enough to survive harsh working conditions. But, it is not only the bulbs themselves that must be robust; the housing must be tough too. Look for LED lights that are contained in shock-proof housing and offer ingress protection against dirt and other particles.

Transportation is another factor to consider, since this is typically when breakages can occur. It is not just the LED lamp itself, but the whole unit that must fold down into a compact form that can withstand the pressures of being moved across and between quarry sites. Very few surfaces in quarries are perfectly even. Therefore, it is important to consider LED light towers with stabilisation systems, which can be equipped with an easy to use level indicator to ensure the safety of workers.

What is the effect of working conditions?
The tough conditions that light towers will experience in quarry applications make durability a key concern. One of the lesser known advantages of LED lighting is that it is less sensitive to temperature variations than many of its forebears. For example, hot and humid conditions do not affect the operation of LED in the same way they might affect a metal halide luminaire. Similarly, LEDs can operate fault-free in low temperatures too.

How advanced is the technology?
It is impossible to simply fit an LED lamp into a standard light tower. The design of effective LED light towers involves paying attention to the lenses, and the optics they contain. These have a major influence on the quality and distribution of light, as well as reducing glare that can cause distraction and eye strain. It is worth remembering the fundamental reason for deploying light towers: good visibility that can improve productivity and safety on a quarry during the hours of darkness or in bad weather.

In recent years, there have been significant improvements in LED production, resulting in lamps that can produce exceptionally bright light. For instance, glare-free varieties that reduce eye strain are now available that can help enhance worker performance while improving their safety. Crucially, improved illumination can also facilitate a reduction in the number of accidents and injuries caused by lack of visibility on work sites.

By fine-tuning the technology, leading manufacturers have made LED lighting more versatile, accessible and effective for numerous applications. Unfortunately, the LED revolution has brought with it a swathe of low-quality entrants into the market, who over-promise on the performance of their products and under-deliver in practice. Given these circumstances, it is no surprise that a certain amount of confusion has arisen among buyers. The most important recommendation is to look for reputable manufacturers who have invested in refining and improving all aspects of LED technology to provide customers with tried and tested solutions.

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