Do you have any idea to prevent LED lights glare?

With the advantage of energy-saving and durable,LED lights are popular. But meanwhile LED lights will produce glare which will cause damage to human eyes. Regarding to this problem, do you have any idea to eliminate glare of LED lights?

 Now let’s discuss the following questions:

 1,Why do LED lights produce glare ?

 1), Choosing an unsuitable LED light : most of the causes of glare are lamps, and LED lamps are not designed for anti-glare treatment. The dizzying “stars” have been jumping around the eyes of the customer.

 2), Unscientific lighting layout, too many LED lights in a space, and the too high brightness : these points will also cause glare.

 2, How to avoid glare in LED lighting?

 1)  Anti-glare LED lamps: A protection angle which can effectively limit the direct glare is required by the lights to avoid glare.In order to prevent direct glare from high-brightness light sources under normal horizontal line of sight conditions, LED fixtures must have an occlusion angle of at least 10-15 degrees. If the environments requiring better lighting quality, LED lighting fixtures should have an occlusion angle of 30°. Such lighting fixture will not produce glare no matter what angle they are viewed from.

 2) Reasonable and scientific lighting layout: Which kind of lighting is scientific and reasonable? First of all, the lighting should be designed according to the actual site of the product, rather than straight line design. If the light needs to rotate frequently, a spotlight with a larger angle will be a good choice.

 3) The number of LED lamps is controlled within a reasonable range: in the lighting of exhibition room, it is not the more LED lights, the better. It should be based on the actual product material, exhibition area, color, paint, etc. This can not only meet the general lighting needs, but also highlight the characteristics of the product and create a space atmosphere of alternating light and dark.

 While choosing a professional LED lighting manufacturer can assist you to avoid the above situations to the greatest extent.

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