The role of LED stadium lights in sports has been paid more and more attention.Providing an environment in which players of all levels can perform effectively and at their best, regardless of the natural light levels, is essential for every sporting venue. As every sport, venue layout, and facility location are unique, every stadium lighting project needs to be fully tailored to these specific aspects.

Excellent LED stadium lights can also let audiences and broadcasters see more clearly and broadcast more detailed game content. LED lighting does not produce harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation, does not contain mercury, and at the same time provides high-quality, anti-glare, and bright lighting for the football field.

The degree of glare produced by the luminaire depends on the quality, density, projection direction, quantity, viewing position in the arena, and ambient brightness of the luminaires . In addition to athletes and spectators dazzled, bad lighting can also create glare outside the arena.But don’t shine the lights on roads or residential areas around the track or stadium.In terms of glare, Conssin LED stadium lighting has done anti-glare treatment on it, which perfectly solves this problem.

In fact, the number of lamps is related to the number of seats in the stadium.Relatively speaking, the training ground as long as the installation of simple lamps can;In large stadiums, more lighting is needed to control the beams to achieve high illumination and low glare.

Effective and functional stadium lighting design can depend on factors such as: the level of competition, the sport, number of players, and the spectator viewing area. As many sporting facilities cater for several different types of sports or events the lighting may need to be able to cater for varied usage throughout the year.

Stadium light system design must consider aspects such as long term energy efficiency, easy to use operating systems, glare management, and spill lighting effects need to be considered. Our stadium lighting team will work with your club or sporting facility management to ensure a successful project completion with your requirements and budget.

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