• Conssin new LED sports area light,LED Stadium light

    The role of LED stadium lights in sports has been paid more and more attention.Providing an environment in which players of all levels can perform effectively and at their best, regardless of the natural light levels, is essential for every sporting venue. As every sport, venue layout, and facili...
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  • LED light, your best choice.

    LED light, your best choice.

    No matter what area it is,lighting is indispensable at night to ensure night work and action. If LED lighting is used, then the color temperature can be customized, usually 3000-6500K. The specific differences are as follows: 3000K warm yellow light makes people feel warm. Color temperatures abov...
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  • The advantages of LED lights

    The advantages of LED lights

    Work safety starts with adequate lighting, especially for on-site projects that involve construction, road repair, demolition, mining, movie production and remote rescue operation. A common trend that caters to this need is the installation of industrial light towers. Then mobile Lighting Tower i...
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  • LEDs Versus Metal Halides

    LEDs Versus Metal Halides Currently metal halides are more popular in the rental market, mostly based on price. However, while metal halides certainly have a place on the jobsite, it is important to consider more than the up-front cost. Metal halides are ideal for companies infrequently working n...
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  • Consin Lighting has attended the 20th GPOWER 2021

    Consin Lighting has attended the 20th GPOWER 2021

    Conssin Lighting has successfully exhibited at the 20th China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition (GPOWER) from 17th June to 19th June,2021. The expo has been held at Shanghai New International Expo Center, in China.It serves as a business and networking hub for electric...
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  • Mysterious brand new Conssin LED product is coming soon.

    Mysterious brand new Conssin LED product is coming soon. Mobile Dimmable/Rechargeable/Transformable LED Telescopic Balloon Light. Application: ● Work-sites & Jobsites ● Trolley & Tripod ● Back-Yard & Play Ground ● Outdoor Concert ● Construction Sites ● Panoramic Lighting ● 90/180/360 ...
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  • Consin Lighting Doing Vibration Simulation Testing

    Vibration Simulation Testing Mobile light towers are typically dragged around for illuminating and transporting, which is why their durability is so important. Our LED light fixtures are designed and built for heavy-duty applications. The robust body structure has been through high-intensity vi...
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  • Conssin new generation of high power LED Sports& Area Lighting: KFS series

    For years, Conssin luminaries have been providing outstanding performance in the extreme conditions of mine and construction sites around the world. Today, Conssin is launching the new generation of high power LED Sports& Area Lighting: KFS series, ranging from 350W to 2000W. Besides its trad...
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  • Conssin Lighting to attend EXPOLUX 2017

    Consin Lighting attending the 2017 Electricx-Egypt power event. Conssin Lighting stand at Electricx-Egypt 2017. Conssin Lighting has successfully attended Electricx 2017, Egypt’s longest running ...
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