The Advantages & Product Features

  • 1. Finest Materials

    Our standard products are assembled with best in class of LED chip, driver, contact terminal, electrical wiring, and protective properties in the market. High quality aluminum makes our light exceptionally tough, yet lightweight.
  • 2. Structural Design

    Conssin's LED lights are designed specifically for light towers, they are size compact, lightweight, extremely durable. Our design minimize the front-facing area in order to reduce security risks when lights are mounted.
  • 3. Light Distribution

    We use asymmetrical light distribution in order to insure maximum lux uniformity, anti-glare designed PC lens for SMD LED light fixtures are more friendly to human eyes on site. Our lens’ are completely customizable and allow us to meet specific customer needs.
  • 4. IP69K IP Protection Rating.

    Mobile light towers need to be prepared for harsh conditions. Our LED light fixtures have outstanding waterproof performance and are able to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature jet sprays for cleaning. IP Protection Ratings: IPX5~IPX6 (rain),IPX7~IPX8 (immersed in water),IPX9 (equivalent of 80℃ water pressure at a depth of 1000 meters)
  • 5. Vibration Tested

    Mobile light towers are typically dragged around for transportation which is why their durability is so important. Our LED light fixtures are designed and built for heavy-duty applications. The robust fixtures have been through high-intensity vibration and force testing. Impact rating are IK10 for light fitting and PC lens, IK08 for glass lens.
  • 6. Adjustable Handle & Gear Patent

    A steady and reliable handle with gears simplifies the process of repositioning the light fixture. In just 3 steps, the light beam can be adjusted. Simply loosen, rotate, and fasten.
  • 7.International Certifications

    ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certifications for different Market  CE, CB, ENEC for European Market CSA for North American Market SAA for Australian Market PSE  for Japanese Market In addition, we have acquired CE and CB approvals from DEKRA, Germany; and ENEC from KEMA.
  • 8. International Buyers Approval

    Conssin Lighting supplies specialized LED lights for Construction & Mining to some of the world’s most prominent Mobile Lighting Tower companies.