Who we are

Conssin Lighting is a manufacturer of LED lights, specialising in custom luminaire projects for industrial and commercial clients.


Exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement.


We are dependable and consistently deliver high quality product.


Our individual commitment to contribute towards the company achieving its targets and objectives.


Our innovative thought process develops our company’s drive to continually improve.

5Make a difference

Our motivation to influence and challenge means we ensure long-term sustainability.

Our commitment to excellence, unsurpassed customer service and extensive product range will make a difference in your next lighting project. Quality means providing customers with superior lighting products at competitive prices.


Since its established in 2007, Fuzhou Conssin Lighting has built a sound reputation for being a specialist manufacturer of LED lights for mining, industrial, commercial and architectural application at domestic and international market.

Fuzhou Conssin Lighting offer clients the benefit of our experience to design, manufacture and deliver a diverse range of LED lighting solutions. We are committed to developing emerging LED technologies that are not only highly beneficial for the environment, but also provide our customers with a long term, maintenance free solution that has a lower lifetime cost whilst improving productivity.

As a highly innovative manufacturer with product ranges across most industries, we are able to design and customise products for specific purposes, ensuring the highest quality solution to virtually any lighting problem.

Consign Lighting is committed to delivering the most cutting edge technology with the highest quality light while meeting and exceeding energy efficiency standards. We are committed to producing superior products through sustainable practices by continually looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and recycle materials throughout our manufacturing process.

Consign Lighting works with resellers and other professional lighting specifiers on a wide range of commercial and industrial building projects including lighting retrofits. We are committed to your bottom line by providing long lasting, energy-saving custom LED solutions while delivering quality of light.

We are a company focused on saving energy by making the best lighting fixture in the world.
Our focus is on doing something about global energy problems.