Conssin Lighting is a manufacturer of LED lights, specialising in custom luminaire projects for industrial and commercial clients.

Conssin Lighting is a manufacturer and supplier of LED lights, specialising in custom luminaire projects as well as retrofit replacements. Consign Lighting is committed to delivering the most cutting edge technology with the highest quality light while meeting and exceeding energy efficiency standards.

At Consign Lighting, we are leading the ongoing development of innovative lighting systems and services.

We are transforming industries, buildings, urban places and homes. Our goal is to increase energy efficiency, and manage working environments in a more environmentally friendly way. To make work environments safer and more responsive, we are taking light beyond illumination and help improve the way the world lights up.

LED lighting is quickly becoming an obvious solution to the global problem of energy waste through widespread use of inefficient lighting technologies. For over 10 years we have provided solutions for a wide range of lighting applications, drawing upon the high versatility and reliability of LED technology.

The Conssin Lighting process is comprehensive. On this approach, we have built lasting relationships with some of the world's largest retailers, manufacturers, and municipalities.

Conssin Lighting's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Fuzhou, Fujian allows us to maintain high quality standards while remaining flexible for both high- and low-volume customers. We cater to global technological needs.

Cutting-edge LED technology - Powerful supply chain.

Conssin Lighting collaborates with leading companies within the lighting industry. Thanks to our internal engineering team, Conssin Lighting, is structured to develop new products that satisfies a world of lighting needs.

Our team of professionals are always available regarding lighting calculations, photometric and 3D rendering, to better serve each and every clients needs. Our staff is constantly investing in new research and development, from electronics to optics for more optimised performance."

While exercising top notch quality control, our in-house manufacturing, allow us to pass generous savings onto our customers. From shop floors to production plants, studios to stadiums, restaurants to streets, and everywhere in between – We have the high performance LED solutions for you.

Consign Lighting works with resellers and other professional lighting specifiers on a wide range of commercial and industrial building projects including lighting retrofits. Committed to your bottom line, we provide long lasting, energy-saving custom LED solutions while delivering quality of light.

Cutting-Edge LED Technology. Low on cost. High on utility.

When you decide it's time to replace or upgrade your lighting system, the team at Conssin Lighting is ready to help!
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Company focused on saving energy.

Our light fixtures deliver proven lighting performance, providing reduction in energy consumption and minimising maintenance.
  • Innovation

    Conssin Lighting supply World most advanced LED light technology, designed and manufactured to sustain any application.
  • Reliability

    Conssin Lighting brings over 10 years of proven experience in manufacturing the light fittings providing ultimate solution for customers.
  • Quality

    Conssin Lighting operates in the World with different cultures and countries, and there is one standard for all quality. We are built on a foundation of the quality.