Consin Lighting has finished the year 2017 with attending World’s Largest Power Generation Event

The POWER-GEN International is the industry leader in providing comprehensive coverage of the trends, technologies and issues facing the energy generation sector.

We have displayed a wide variety of our latest LED products especially focusing on the latest industrial and construction range of LED flood and highbay light fittings.

POWER-GEN International represents a horizontal look at the industry with key emphasis on new solutions and innovations for the future.

POWER-GEN International is a 30-year-strong power generation event with diverse content for all forms of energy - with a multi-track summit and knowledge hubs, a huge exhibition with 900+ companies and comprehensive networking and matchmaking.

We have networked with amazing number of professionals in the shared industry from the US and abroad. Conssin brand has been reaffirmed in the US energy market with a fresh new look and new line of industrial lighting products on offer.

We have reignited the conversation of energy saving and delivering best value in new form of light quality and design.

Power-Gen International exhibition and summit serves as a business and networking hub for electricity generators, utilities and solution-providers engaged in any or all of the multiple cross-sections of power generation. The topics and trends focus on technology, innovation and policy advancements - unmatched insight for the future of the energy spectrum and mix.
This immersive and interactive face to face event experience is more important than ever as POWERGEN is committed to providing a platform to discuss in-depth challenges faced by all energy stakeholders and helping them find a path from where the industry is now to where the new emerging and leading trends will take it.

The exhibit hall provides an interactive experience that can be personalized to connect attendees with the latest technology and innovations in the conventional and renewable electricity generation markets from around the world.
The summit and knowledge hubs deliver transformative content including disruption caused by the emergence of renewable and decentralized power, niche technologies and the latest in policy and economic trends.