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Work Flare C Series, Panoramic Lighting Solutions for 360° Illumination.

Equipped with a Portable Telescopic Tripod.


Heavy-duty, multipurpose high bay LED panel designed for floodlighting and spotlighting applications. Available with a range of power supply, optic and colour temperature options to precisely suit your requirements. Recommended for installation on buildings, processing plant and warehouses.

Specifications Table

Model V T Lens W Lumen Source Ra Hz EFFIC IP Temp Dimansion Weight
KHH-160 AC240V 5000K E E1 E3 160W 16800 -18400 PHILIPS >70 50/60 92% IP65 -40°C +50°C 326mm 218mm 3.5kg
KHH-240 AC240V 5000K E E1 E3 240W 25200 -27600 PHILIPS >70 50/60 92% IP65 -40°C +50°C 326mm 236mm 3.5kg